Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jawapan SCland Management

Harap jawapan dari SCland ini dapat menjelaskan beberapa isu yang dihadapi penduduk SP.

Pertaining to the unresolved issues as highlighted by your good self,

1. Cleanliness
Management aware that because of the renovation works carried out by the contractors, the corridor sometimes get very dusty. But, the Management carried out the inspection at all floor every day and during this inspection, we advised the contractors to clean or sweep the corridor after the works or most accurate after 5.00pm. As the renovation works continued on the next day, the corridor once again get dusty because of the hacking of the wall or transportation of the renovation / construction materials. However, I myself already instruct cleaner to look into this matter yesterday and will follow up later.

For the uncollected rubbish at the residential floor, Management have issue to identify which floor has been occupied since the residents didn't come to the Management Office to inform that they had occupied any particular floor. Our solution is, I will inform the residents to residents by notice that they should inform the Management if they had move in to any particular floor.

2. Swimming Pool
Sorry for the inconvenience, the swimming pool was suffered with the technical issues last week. However, Management expect that the swimming pool is ready to use by today as the water sparkling this morning. Please help the Management and other residents by using / wearing just NYLON materials swimsuit in order to use the swimming pool.

Hope the above explanation will clarify the issues that you highlight.

Thank You,
Mohd Rahfiz

Managed by PAMA SERVICES SDN BHD (000862962-T),
Management Office, 2nd Floor, Block B,
Jalan Singa F 20/F, Seksyen 20,
40300 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel : 03-55488833 Fax : 03-55481188
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